So what kind of breed is it?

Size                                                     ★★☆☆☆

Activity                                          ★★★☆☆

Sociability                                   ★★★★★

Fur care                                          ★☆☆☆☆

A French Bulldog is a calm family dog that loves attention. It is a medium-sized (about 11-16 kg) companion dog with a good-natured and strong character. Characteristics of a French Bulldog breed and character are the dog's cheerfulness, dedication and courage, as well as developed intelligence. French Bulldogs are psychologists by nature, subtly feeling the owner's mood and understanding the specifics of family relationships. If everyone is busy, a French Bulldog will wait patiently for attention to be paid to him, and will not get irritated for nothing.

French Bulldogs adapt to a home like a home. This breed is suitable for urban life because it does not require a large yard. It is not a jogging partner, but is eager to go for an active walk and happily accepts new experiences. Frenchies usually get along well with everyone, people and other animals, in the event of danger they bravely go to protect the owner and his loved ones. French Bulldogs love children, forgive them for all pranks and other manifestations of emotions. This breed is very attached to its owners, loves to spend time with its family, and to sleep in beds together with owners. It is hard for this little pet to tolerate separation and loneliness. It can easily withstand changes in the environment and living conditions, but when the owner changes, it can experience severe stress. French Bulldogs are more family members to their families, not "just dogs".

Frenchies usually don't require too much food and their coat is easy to take care of. A French Bulldog doesn't bark for no reason, but it does grunt and snort, which is part of its charm.

Before considering a French Bulldog as a member of your family, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the breed's health issues.

A bit of history:

Despite the breed's name, French Bulldogs did not appear in France, but in England. Due to their small size, French Bulldogs first appeared in the circles of English tailors as pets and rat catchers. Later, the British started immigrating to France, taking their four-legged friends with them. In France, bulldogs were noticed among the French elite. Consequently, the French Bulldog breed has become a very popular dog in prestigious circles. The dog breed became really popular and well-known in every European country. The breed was called the "French Bulldog" because it was first registered in France, but there are other opinions on this matter...