French bulldog puppy from us?

Kennel MishelFrench (Tallinn) offers solid black female puppie, born on 28.12.2023.

The puppy will receive an EU passport with appropriate content, the puppies will receive breed and registration cards, and an appropriate sales contract will be made with the new home. The puppy can be registered by the new home into the Finnish Food Authority and the Kennel Association (FIX).

We hope the new home will be able to pick up the puppy from the kennel <3

We are happy to tell you more about the puppy and the puppy's parents! We send pictures and videos and talk about other things, e.g. related to getting a dog from abroad (only if you are getting a puppy from us).

Information for those, who considering a puppy

We are looking for wonderful homes for our puppies that will love them as family members. Puppies are grow up in home conditions and get used to people, handling and other dogs from birth. You can come and see the puppies at the kennel, please contact us to arrange a visit. If you are prevented from coming to the kennel, we will send you pictures and videos according to your request. Please also tell us about yourself :)

Puppies are handed over at the earliest when they are 8 weeks old, inside Estonia.

All our puppies are registered to the alternative kennel association mentioned on the front page, Eesti Iku Kennelklubi. At the handover age, our puppies have at least their 1st vaccination, chipping, deworming and a general vet checkup. The measures mentioned above are mentioned in the puppy's European passport. The puppy's new home will receive a breed & registry certificate issued by Eesti Iku Kenneklub. An appropriate sales contract will be made for the puppy trade based on the Kennel Club's terms and conditions. We are happy to tell you the care and feeding instructions for the puppy. Unfortunately, puppies are not sold with partial payment.

Even after the handover, we are available to support fosters' owners in both good and bad situations.

Before considering a French bulldog as a member of your family, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the breed's health issues.

Individuals from our previous litters can be viewed in the section "found loving homes".

Adult dogs looking for a home

A solid black adult (about 2.5 years old) male is available for a new home.